• UPDATE 4:00 PM 3/30/2020
      Mountain Sports Baseball has suspended the 2020 season due to the COVID-19 situation. The City of Morganton (Catawba Meadows Park) has closed all events and buildings to the public until April 30th. We have moved the Mountain Ring Challenge to June 27-28 at Catawba Meadows Park.  We will make an announcement regarding April 25-26 Asheville next week.  Our next event in Morganton will be May 2-3 FCA Southeast Invitational.   Health and Safety of our players, fans, and community members must take priority in this unusual situation that our country is currently facing.  We will keep our Mountain Sports family posted as we move forward and we pray for our health care workers and those who may be effected by this virus.
    • New Teams Start Here

      Welcome to USSSA Baseball. Our motto is "Competitive baseball at affordable prices" playing USSSA is simple.

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    • How to Sanction your team with USSSA On-Line

      Go to www.usssa.com and click on the sport your team or member plays to enter the site. Click on Create ID, located across the top of the page in blue. Fill in all required information indicated by red arrows to the side of the fields. After filling out all required information, click on submit. Your log in id will be displayed. (Be sure to write down your log in id and password and keep it in a safe place, or simply print the page.) You will then be given the option to log in for the first time.
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      The descriptions below are guidelines. The ultimate decision on classification is the overall strength and performance of the team on the field measured by a team's Power Rating. As per USSSA Rule 3.04, a team may be reclassified by USSSA at any time.

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      Mountain Sports believes teams and families should have opportunities to Worship when playing in our events.  Local ministries will conduct worship services at the main complexes for each event.  It is our sincere desire to run quality tournaments that bring honor and glory to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.



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